Download Record All System Usage Secretly Freeware

Metmask  v.0.5.3

Metmask is a tool written in python for managing chemical identifiers for metabolomics experiments. It can incorporate identifiers from local textfiles, several online databases, query PubChem and record all found associations in a local sqlite

MSSQL Backup Pipe Manager  v.20110520

This is a complement to You can specify DBs to backup by name, all, system, online only, or all but system. With a single scheduled task you can backup every database. You can also specify

Qtkiller comp. with cutkiller for W32  v.23.6.02

This software is a file-cutter, compatible with cutkiller 1.41 for Windows. It's a softare made with QT and C++ inder visual C++ 6.0, it supports all system on which QT has been ported but we have only compiled it on windows with

Z/VM Performance Monitor  v.rc

zpm(c) is a Java client cooperating with database tables created by zpmd (z/VM Performance Monitor Daemon) software. It presents system usage and actual

Medical Test Tracker  v.1.0

Medical Record Tracking System for Computer Science Course "SENG 411", University of Calgary, Fall 2006 "Group 04"

Vetmanage  v.1.0

This is the hosting for the open source portion of the Vetmanage patient record management system. Licensing at this time is undecided but discussions are invited as to what license should be used.

Vesuv  v.1.0

Vesuv, the very extensible system usage visualizer aims to be complete system for visualizing cpu/memory/net usage on analog voltmeters connected to computer (complete schematics included) or via ncurses library.

Spirit 92  v.1.0

This is a framework based on MVC Model from mobile devices, it has support for: Database connection, persistence storage with RMS and File system usage, Bluetooth connection and transmission.

LinBSD  v.1.0

A Security Enhanced Linux Based Distro with some features that are found only in the BSD's to date. Initial focus will be on chrooting all system daemons, jailing sockets, want to mimic BSD's jail() system call, getting a nice ports system going.

Excel Finance Manager  v.1.0

This excel application allows you to manage your finances better! This tool allows you to record all your income and expenditures so you can see how much money you earn and spend. The tool also allows you to manage a budget.

Process Syscall Tracer  v.1.0

This is a command line utility that runs a command specified in its argument and then all system calls invoked from this command are tracked and saved to log file.


Online Criminal Record Keeping System is built to mentain information about criminals on a database.

FindJPG  v.1.3

Attempts to copy JPG files without file system usage

FindDoc  v.1.2

Searches for DOC and XLS files without file system usage

Weeny Free Video Recorder  v.1.1

Weeny Free Video Recorder is a free screen recorder software to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard WMV video files.

BRELS CPU Balancer  v.0.01

Console utility intended to set the affinity mask of all running processes

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